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In any organization, there is a need for the members to connect and communicate with each other in order to be more effective and efficient in carrying their tasks. For this reason, the Bureau on Cultural Heritage – ARMM conducted its annual Team Building and Strategic Planning Activities at Dakak Park and Beach Resort at Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte on January 7-9, 2016.


The said activity is anchored to the annual practice of the office to conduct post-activity assessments for each quarter, mid-year and for the year round program and activities that were conducted. And at the same time, the said activity also allowed the employees of the agency to rest and enjoy while planning on the next programs that will promote and achieve the mission, vision, goals and objectives of the Agency.

The team, headed by the dynamic Director Ardan D. Sali left in Cotabato on January 7, 2016. Upon arrival in the venue, the team was divided into four groups for the teambuilding games. The games were Balloon Snake, Egg of the World, Kapit-egg Bisig, and Shoot the Pen. Every team work together and made strategies to win in the games. After the games, the staff assessment and evaluation followed. The team formed a circle facing one another. Everyone had a chance to speak and express their ideas and concerns to each other and for the office.

The second day was full of fun and adventure. In the morning, the group had volleyball game, enjoyed kayaking, and indulged with the fresh water of Dakak beach. And one of the highlights of the activity is the experience of riding Asia’s longest and fastest Zipline. The director himself did not let the opportunity passed. In the afternoon, the team had a tour in the historical places in Dapitan City, namely Rizal Shrine and a mini-museum where some of Rizal’s works, clothes and pictures were displayed. After the tour, the team also had a relaxing one hour bay cruise experience. They then proceeded to the final destination, the Fantasy Land where they had the luxury of experiencing all the rides that each station can offer. On the third day, they headed back to Cotabato City.

This activity aimed to foster rapport between and among the staff for a better and improved working environment. And eventually, it sought to improve the organization for it to achieve its overall mandate.

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