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The institute for Autonomy and Governance (IAG) with partner Konrad Adenauer Stiftung  (KAS) Philippines hosted a meeting in Asia-Pacific of leading academics, policy-makers and civil society leaders to reflect on autonomy, governance and federalism as means to promote sustainable development and peace. The GAGF 2016  envisioned to generate and synergies ideas, experiences, strategies and actions to develop a brand of autonomy, governance and federalism that effectively addresses the root causes of societal conflicts and divides. 

The inaugural Global Autonomy, Governance and Federalism (GAGF) Forum 2016 is the Region’s Authoritative, multi-sectoral and the most comprehensive strategic conference on autonomy, federalism  and governance as means to address societal divides and conflicts and promote sustainable development. The forum lasted for 2 days.

The ARMM Regional Government thru Gov. Mujiv Hataman hosts a fellowship dinner on Day 1 of GAGF 2016. ARMM Executive Secretary Laisa Alamia and IAG Senior Policy Adviser Fr. Eliseo Mercado deliver messages. Gov. Mujiv Hataman's message is read by ARMM Executive Secretary Laisa Alamia. The Bureau on Cultural Heritage of ARMM headed by the Executive Director Engr. Bai Marites K. Maguindra, CEO VI being tasked to showcase a colorful Moro dances to entertains the guests. #GAGF2016 features over 30 international experts speaking and sharing first-hand experiences and programs on autonomy, federalism and governance, highlighting 15 country case studies. It is also sponsored by the British Embassy and the ARMM Regional Government.

In the opening program, Mags Maglana is introduced as Day 1 facilitator. Opening messages are delivered by: Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Philippines Representative Benedikt Seemann, Australian Ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely Keynotes are provided by: Former OPAPP Usec. Jose Lorena on behalf of Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza, MILF Central Committee Secretary Ahmad Amer on behalf of MILF Chairman Murad Ebrahim GAGF 2016 International Advisory Board Chairman Prof. Yash Pal Ghai hands out token of appreciation (miniature kulintangs).

In the afternoon session of day 1, British Ambassador to the Philippines Asif Ahmad delivers a message at the inaugural Global Autonomy, Governance and Federalism Forum. The British Embassy is a sponsor of the event.

The participants are expected to understand and accelerate the thinking to generate ideas, experiences, strategies and actions to develop good governance, an autonomy and federalism that effectively addresses the main causes of societal conflict and historical injustices contributed to the community.