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On August 9, 2016, Rev. Fr. Harold Ll. Rentoria, OSA, Commissioner for Cultural Heritage and Ms. Devine Arawiran, Program Coordinator on Cultural Mapping of Cultural Heritage NCCA visited the office of Bureau on Cultural Heritage – ARMM in Cotabato City to have exploratory talks about programs and projects that the two agencies could work together in the future.

            The guests were first welcomed by Hadja Putri Bai Marieta Nor-Aisha Mindalano-Adam, the Chief for Cultural Revival Division together with her staffs, Nor-ain Lambitan and Esnaira Salem. They briefly explain to them the mandates and programs of BCH – ARMM and showed the output of the documented authentic Moro dances.

            The discussion was centered on the proposed collaboration on Cultural mapping with the NCCA. The said cultural mapping is one of the programs of NCCA that includes mapping cultural assets of an area which are classified into cultural assets and resources which are further classified into community cultural organizations, spaces & facilities, intangible assets, cultural heritage, natural heritage, festival & events, creative cultural industries & creative cultural occupations, personalities (heroes and notable persons) and other cultural institutions (museums).

BCH Executive Director Engr. Marites K. Maguindra inquired the limitations, strengths and other areas of consideration like the source of fund in case the collaboration is pursued. In the end, Fr. Rentoria promised to draft a letter/resolution that will contain initial proposal of the said project/program.

            The two agencies are hope to partner in programs that will promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the ARMM region.