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L. R. Sebastian Elementary School, in celebration of the Indigenous People (IP) Week conducted a three day symposium with a theme “KEADAT - ADATAY TEDURAYE, an Integral Part of the Philippine Cultural Heritage and History”. In the said program, the Bureau on Cultural Heritage – ARMM extended their support though sending Timuay Johnny Mokudef, one of the Cultural Affairs Officer of the bureau to initiate the ritual for the opening ceremony of the program.

The said forum was conducted from August 10 to August 12, 2016 at L. R. Sebastian Elementary School. Timuay Mokudef, a member of the IP himself was the guest speaker in the said symposiums. He talked about the history of the Teduray tribe on the first day and Teduray customs and tradition the following day.

The said program was in line with the bureaus mandate of preserving and promoting cultural heritage in the provinces of ARMM. Through engagement like this, we hoped that the young generations will recognize the value of their culture and heritage.