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roadmap consultation

As part of the Region-wide Roadmap Consultations of the Autonomous Regional Government towards achieving more quality services, the Bureau on Cultural Heritage (BCH) conducted Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and Key Informant Interviews (KII) on June 27- July 2, 2016  with the cultural stakeholders in the different provinces of ARMM to tackle issues concerning the current situation of the province's cultural heritage. The consultations were facilitated by the Cultural Affairs Officers of the respective 5 provinces.

Different issues were discussed such as the authenticity of culture (i.e. dances, rituals, attires) as time offers evolution and change, cultural and traditional appropriations, the decreasing appreciation on culture and traditional arts of the society especially of the youth, gradual loss of many cultural and historical sites, decreasing knowledge of the authentic practices, and more. With all the concerns raised, suggestions and recommendations were also given by the different cultural stakeholders to address them through proper programs and activities aiming for its promotion and preservation.

As an output, the BCH-ARMM shall be reformulating the work plan of its target activities and programs basing from the consultations conducted, which all shall be implemented in the five provinces.RSA 07/08/16

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