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upi teduray

In line with the 61st Founding Anniversary of LGU-Upi from June 3-10, 2016, the Bureau on Cultural Heritage- ARMM has been invited to spearhead and initiate the Teduray Ritual or “Temena” on June 3, 2016, 6:00am at “Tenines”, in front of SB Hall, Nuro, Upi, Maguindanao.


            “Temena” is a ritual wherein the Tedurays ask for guidance and protection from “Tulus” (God/Creator). It is performed before commencing any festivities in Upi. The ritual begins with playing of Agong around the “Tenines” (sacred temple), followed by the Offertory Rites where cooked rice with native eggs and fresh water are offered in “Dulang” (altar). After the offertory rites, the “Belyan” (tribal spiritual leader) offers a “Sagefad” (prayer). The ritual ends with “Memundut Tenena” or the Communion Rites.

            Timuay Johnny Minted Mokudef, Community Affairs Assistant of BCH-ARMM facilitated and led the conduct of the said ritual.

The celebration had also various activities conducted that depicted the opulent cultures of the tri-people of Upi, composing the Indigenous People, Settlers, and the Moros.

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