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Meguyaya Festival is the most celebrated festival in North Upi, Maguindanao every December of the year which lasts for a whole week. It is a Teduray term for thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest as nature lover folks. The festival showcases their living through variety of competitions and street dancing representing tri-people, Teduray, Muslim and Christian. Everyone who joined the festivity had a chance to enjoy Eat All Your Corn, one of the most exciting parts of the festival in which a long stretch of grillers are placed by the roadside. Roasting corns symbolizes festivity and friendship.

According to its history, Tulos, the Great Spirit who created all things, has indeed abundantly blessed this land with verdant mountains, fertile soil and cooler climate. The Municipality of Upi produces acres and acres of corn spreading as far as your eyes can see, from the hills to the plains and down to the mountainsides. The picturesque landscape can vary in color from yellow green to dark green, yellowish and to light brown, depending on what time of the year when it is planting or harvest time. Dubbed as the Summer Capital of Maguindanao, the welcoming and peace-loving Teduray people complemented the title with their warm taos go (welcome).

Inspiringly, the LGU are very active and supportive of this festivity and the constituents happily enjoyed witnessing such activity that promotes unity among them. On its 2015 theme "Layang Upi, Layang” which means “Long live Upi, Long live”. Executive Director Ardan D. Sali of the Bureau on Cultural Heritage - ARMM together with some staff witnessed and participated in the festival as it continues the advocacy in promoting and preserving culture of every Bangsamoro tribe in the ARMM.