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Tubaw is a hand-weaved square-shaped cloth used by men that symbolizes their status in the community. It shows masculinity, bravery, courage and royalty. Tubaw is a common cultural fashion among the ethno-linguistic tribes of Mindanao. For Maguindanon, Tubaw cannot be worn in any styles because it could mean something about yourself.

In preservation and promotion of cultural heritage of Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, the Bureau on Cultural Heritage, led by Executive Director Ardan D. Sali, started to shoot its video doumentation on “Kadtubaw nu Maguindanon” showcasing different styles of wearing a Tubaw in the culture of Maguindanon. The documentation is being conducted on the month of April 2016 with Mr. Musalik P. Kabunto, Development Management Officer, Kamal Patadon, Multimedia specialist, Omar John Sinsuat, Executive Assistant, Jul-amin Edza, IT Officer, Nor-ain I. Lambitan, Cultural Affairs Officer-Lanao, and Sheryan P. Guialel, Cultural Affairs Officer-Maguindanao. The BCH poduction team has chosen locations and sceneries that will best fit with the theme of the documentation. BCH Executive Director said,

“For us to preserve and promote our Bangsamoro Cultural Heritage, we need to consider that technology is rapidly moving up. Indeed, we also need to move up while keeping the authenticity of our treasured culture.”

The production of this video documentation aims to open the eyes of people in recognition of their own cultural identity, in appreciation of the culture of other tribes, and in understanding each other that will promote culture of peace among us.

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