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Kulintang Edited

Children are known to be the hope of our nation. They could either be the future advocates or adversaries of our treasured Cultural Heritage. They are the purest of mankind to absorb knowledge given to them. Children, as others may say, are the hardest group to teach, but the most willing and sincere to learn.

The Bureau on Cultural Heritage is targeting children on their cultural education programs. This is to inculcate to the children the beauty and richness of our Cultural Heritage. The Bureau is annually conducting Kulintang Training and Workshop for Children in preservation of the Cultural Heritage of the Bangsamoro. In celebration of the National Arts Month and in continuation to the successful Kulintang Training and Workshop for Children at Broce Central Elementary School last 2015, the Bureau conducted another training at Tenorio Elementary School, Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao. A total of 38 school children have graduated from the said training and learned two (2) apad (rhythms), the Sinulog a Inandang and Duyog within 6 days on February 24-29, 2016. The training was facilitated by the Bureau’s Kulintang Artist, Musalik P. Kabunto with Sheryan P. Guialel and Nor-ain I. Lambitan, assisted by some teachers of the said school. Ms. Faika E. Kutia, one of the teachers of Tenorio Elementary School, said,

“In behalf of our school administrators, we would like to thank the Bureau on Cultural Heritage-ARMM for giving us this great opportunity to be chosen as one of the schools to benefit from the Cultural Education Programs of the Bureau. This Kulintang Training and Workshop will leave a great impact to the children in appreciation of their own cultural identity.”

During the Culmination Program, teachers showcased their talents in cultural dances as well as the parents in their Kulintang performance. Executive Director Ardan D. Sali, Maguindanao II Schools Division Superintendent Hadja Bai Alibai Benito-Aliudin, Public School Supervisor Hadja Bai Jiahora S. Datukon-Ali, Principal Nelinda H. Werble attended the said event and witnessed the recital and final performance of the children in their cultural attire. The activity is to preserve, promote and pass on to the younger generations the beauty, richness and colors of Bangsamoro Cultural Heritage.

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