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sagayan fest

Sagayan Festival is an annual celebration of the Province of Maguindanao at the Municipality of Buluan. It is a festivity showcasing the Cultural Heritage of Maguindanao Province including the tribes of Maguindanon, Iranun, T’duray, Lambangian, and Manobo Dulangan that can be found in the Province.


Sagayan is defined by people as war dance that used to entertain the audience with the actions of fighting and defending from the opponent. In Maguindanao, Sagayan is accompanied by “Unta” (camel mascot) that is dancing teasingly with its head to entertain the people. The warrior is dressed traditionally with “Kapasiti” worn on their heads and a rectangular shield accessorized with dangling that produces sounds.

On February 7-14, the Province of Maguindanao invited the Bureau to be part of the celebration of Sagayan Festival through displaying cultural materials of Maguindanon “Mga Inandang ah Igagama”, a mini Museum at Trade Expo, Buluan, Maguindanao. Executive Director Ardan D. Sali, together with his staff, organised and arranged the display that showcased the Maguindanao Cultural Heritage on the 5th Sagayan Festival with the theme: “Maguindanao Transform Now!” Visitors of the mini Museum had enjoyed the display and also played Kulintang ensemble curiously and excitedly.

The Bureau encourages everyone to continue promoting our culture, discover our own cultural materials and learn to play our own cultural instruments.