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BCH-ARMM in Tawi-Tawi Highlights Arts Month 2016

            mural painting

The month of February is declared the “National Arts Month,” as per Presidential Decree No. 683 of 1991. This year’s theme is “Uniting Through Public Arts, Promoting the Bangsamoro Culture and Identity”. In partnership with the Anak Mindanao Party-list, and in collaboration with the MSU-TCTO Science High School, Tawi-Tawi Alliance of Civil Society Organizations (TACOS), and Unified Successors for Change (USC), the Bureau on Cultural Heritage ARMM conducted a Mural Painting activity in the province of Tawi-Tawi.


Raja Lakandula S. Aming, one of the Cultural Affairs Officer of the Bureau spearheaded the said activity. The murals were painted in the walls of the MSU-TCTO Science High School from February 19-22, 2016. Ms. Nursiba Dionga, principal of the school, thankfully welcomed the bureau for implementing the said activity. On the commencement of the activity, she said,

“It is an honor to be a partner and contribute something to this meaningful event. Our culture is gradually dying, yet here you are, BCH, always having the job done meaningfully, with love and commitment towards your goals. I am humbled, being the principal of this school, for being selected as a partner.”

Different organizations also supported the said activity. The organizations were: Jama Mapun Youth and College Association (JMYCA), MSU-TCTO Science High School, REACT Philippines – Tawi-Tawi Chapter, Tawi-Tawi Alliance of Civil Society Organizations (TACOS), Unified Successors for Change (USC), Tarbilang Foundation, Inc. (TFI), Languyan Municipal Tourism Office, Languyan Active Youth Association (LAYA), Youth for Nature, and D’SM Arts.

The mural painting activity aimed to foster the bureau’s mandate on promoting the Bangsamoro culture, arts, and identity to the public. The mural paintings will serve as a hallmark of the rich and unique cultures that the Bangsamoro homeland has. It is expected to last for several years before it fades.

This successful activity is yet another milestone for the Bureau on Cultural Heritage – ARMM. It is a serious manifestation of its commitment to promote and preserve the cultural heritage of the Bangsamoro homeland through conducting programs like this that the Bangsamoro people will treasure and value.