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kulterrific edited

            There are several struggles and challenges that the Bangsamoro Culture is facing. With the constant global technological developments, our cultural heritage is becoming synonymous with the term “old” or makaluma. Most of the young generation consider our cultural heritage as part of our past and not of our identity. Developments must not be considered as hindrances to the preservation of our culture. Instead, we must look at them as opportunities for us to promote our vanishing Bangsamoro Cultural Heritage This is causing several social concerns that we are encountering such us disunity. Indeed, our cultural heritage must be heard so that someone will listen.

            As a member of ARMM Guild of Information Officers under Bureau of Public Information, in person of former BCH Information Officer, Ms. Manal J. Sugadol, the Bureau got the opportunity to have a timeslot at DXAE 99.7 FM of DepEd ARMM every Monday 11 am to 12 noon. The radio program called Kulterrific: Ang Radyo ng Kultura mo, was first aired on February 3, 2014. The program becomes the avenue of Bagnsamoro Cultural promotion and awareness among moro, non-moro and IP listeners. Its advocacy continues its journey along with the increasing number of listeners indicated from receiving frequent Kulkatext, the mobile message feedbacks from the listeners.

            In celebration of its 2nd Anniversary, the Anchors Ms. Nor-ain I. Lambitan and Ms. Sahara K. Ali, reminisce the episodes graced by several known personalities who shared their knowledge and beliefs on Bangsamoro Cultural Heritage. Through the two years of promoting and giving awareness on cultural heritage, the radio program has already reached 96 episodes of advocating cultural preservation, promotion and the culture of peace.

            As anniversary episode, Kulterrific invited special guests who made the realization of the radio program possible, the former BCH Information Officer Ms. Manal J. Sugadol and BCH Executive Director Ardan D. Sali. They have talked about the importance of promoting our own Bangsamoro Cultural Heritage and our responsibility to give cultural awareness to the younger generation.

“If you want to be happy with your life… you need to return to your religion… know more, research more and listen more to the knowledgeable people around you… To the Bangsamoro children, listen and be open-minded, so that you would appreciate your own culture,” said by Ms. Sugadol as she shared her views on cultural preservation

            Kulkatext and callers have flooded during the anniversary special episode of Kulterrific and give their greetings. Surprisingly, the first guest of the radio program, Mr. Musalik P. Kabunto, called and greeted the program a Happy 2nd Anniversary.

“Bangsamoro Culture is a pride of each and everyone of us towards unity and cultural understanding,” expressed by Mr. Kabunto as he gives his greetings to the program.

            The special episode was successfully aired by the anchors Ms. Lambitan and Ms. Ali with overwhelming messages and greetings of the listeners and guests through text messages, online chats, and phone calls. The listeners expressed their gratitude on having a radio program that aims to preserve and promote Bangsamoro culture. Executive Director Ardan D. Sali gives his anniversary message to the listeners,

“Be proud of being a Bangsamoro and we should be glad that we have our own cultural identity that is Bangsamoro which is already recognized and acknowledged worldwide.”

            It has become a great inspiration to the Bureau knowing an increasing number of people who are willing and currently working with Bangsamoro Cultural Heritage Promotion and Preservation. We are not alone in this noble endeavor.#

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