Personal Trainer Certification
Personal Trainer CertificationPersonal Trainer CertificationPersonal Trainer Certification



HABUL TIYAHIAN hand-embroidered tubular garment worn with the badjuh sigpit (fitted-dress). The embroidery is executed in florid forms in three (3) jingang (disrtrict lines) siku or curvilinear, tulid or straight and puntak or medallions. Satin or shimmering materials are preferred for the same (HABUL TIYAHIAN)



LAPIH a Tausug collarless shirt, has a tight-fitting sleeve reaching a little below the elbow with a high, round neckline, open all the way in front, studded with golden buttons in front, on the shoulder, and at the edge of the sleeve. Usually used in a special occasion.




SAWWAL KUPUT or BERINOa Tausug pants worn with Lapih ,tight-fitting, it reaches to the ankles with a slit bordered with buttons (tambuku) (a strap of cloth used as a belt) either gold or gold-plated, it is held in place by a kambut), a length of material, often hand-woven around the waist. Tied over the kambut is a mamaan (betel nut chewing box of brass or silver) or a salappa (cigarette box) held in place by a pouch-like net container. To complete the costume, a kris (Kalis) or barung is secured to the kambut. Suspended from the kambut is a two-piece embroidered or sequined material that resembles a necktie to cover or hide the penile outline.



BATAWIa long-sleeved, tight-fitting woman’s blouse, studded with golden buttons in front and at the edge of its sleeve; usually used for weddings, pangalay or dancing, or other special occasions.

SABLAY a long, loose, collarless blouse reaching below the hips with long, loose sleeves. (Opens all the way down the front with a folded band finishing the edge, usually fastened with a fancy pin).



SAWWAL a loose-fitting pajama-like trouser, worn by both men and women.