Personal Trainer Certification
Personal Trainer CertificationPersonal Trainer CertificationPersonal Trainer Certification



1.      To recognize, respect, protect, preserve, and revive customs, traditions, beliefs and practices of the people in the area of ARMM;



2.      It shall encourage and undertake the revocery, collection, collation, restoration, and protection of historical landmarks and cultural properties of the AUtonomous Region including the identification and establishment of landmarks thereof to reconstruct the grandeur of the past posterityl


3.      To plan, initiate, implement, coordinate and monitor cultural programs, projects and activities that shall instutionalize the preservation and enhancement of the positive elements of the indigenous culture of the ARMM inhabitants;


4.      To utilize the audio-visual, performing and communication arts in the education campaign, promotion of the cultural heritage of the people of the Autonomous Region.


5.      To establish a Museum, archive, and library to house all importatnt historical and cultural artifacts reflecting the cultural heritage of the people of ARMM;


6.      To coordinate with the other concerned private and government agencies engaged in similar and related activities; and


7.      To perform other related functions as may be necessary to carry out the purpose of the act.