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 The creation of Bureau on Cultural Heritage- ARMM  begun with a a humble beginning in its preservation and promotion of the cultural identity and its region's history. The initiative for cultural advocacy started during the administration of Commissioner Simeon A. Datumanong of the Regional Commission XII on January 7, 1977 wherein an Executive Order no. 37 was signed, creating the Regional Cultural Heritage Council (RCHC). This  was composed ofgovernment and non-government organizations and was primarily tasked to preserve, revive and protect the Cultural Heritage of the region. Later years, RCHC was replaced into Regional Cultural Heritage Affairs Services (RCAS) having the same function.


On August 1, 1990, Office on Cultural Affairs (OCA) was established superseding the RCAS. This action was executed by Former Governor Zacaria A. Candao having his guiding principle based on the provisions of R.A. 6734 (Law creating ARMM).


Three years later, the Regional Legislative Assembly passed Muslim Mindanao  Autonomy Act no. 31 creating the Bureau on Cultural Heritage - ARMM (BCH-ARMM). Regional Chief Executive Lininding P. Pangandaman issued     Executive order No. 3 series of 1995 to operationalize the newly created cultural arm of the autonomous government which is currently active on preserving and promoting the cultural heritage anchored on its mission, vision and strategic programs.